Conventional Loans

Conventional Loans

Pros – You get the peace of mind know your fixed rate will not move higher over time. You can always remortgage when rates are lower.

Cons – If you are only going to be in your house for a few years our experts may find a better program for you

• Consolidate your debt into one easy payment.

• Get out of an adjustable rate and into a low fixed rate loan.

• Payoff a high interest rate sub-prime 1st and/or 2nd mortgage (combo).

• Payoff a prime rate attached adjustable home equity loan.

• Pay off your mortgage early and save BIG on your overall monthly payments and interest.

• Establish a college fund or contribute to your retirement plan.

• Get rid of an impending balloon payment or prepayment penalty on your current loan.

• Consider home improvements! Add that kitchen, garage, bedroom etc.